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What the fox is going on at STEP Software? 

It’s a Quinnification!

What’s a Quinnification? It’s a neologism of course – a new word or expression which, in recent decades, has become more common in the tech space. Much like the terms webinar (web seminar), malware (malicious software), hydra code (a difficult to fix bug), or rubberducking (a method used to debug) these industrial colloquialisms didn’t exist until there was a need for them. Enter Quinnification – the creative and bold unification of STEP Software under the watchful, clever eye of our mascot, Quinn. 

We know what you’re thinking: it’s a bunch of marketing nonsense. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Back in 2019, we embarked on a mission to rebrand our company, which included launching our sassy mascot, Quinn.  We embraced his fox-like qualities of being clever, bold, and creative in every decision we made, every client we collaborated with, and every project we became part of.  We developed a plan that included a new website, the launch of an exciting new product, and a round of hiring to formalise our HR, Sales, and Marketing efforts. But, like many businesses, Q1 of 2020 changed all of that. 

The impact of the pandemic on industry varied greatly, but for the software and IT sector, it was our chance to shine.  At STEP, we didn’t even think twice about shifting our focus from rebranding to supporting our clients’ needs. We are passionate about software, but we are also myopically focused on our clients’ goals. Whether it was updating workforce management systems or supporting our insurance clients’ digitalization efforts or building new software for propane dispensing kiosks, it was full steam ahead, ensuring they had the software they needed to stay productive. While businesses transitioned from in-person, to remote, to hybrid, software solutions were put to the test and quickly became an essential tool keeping the world open for business. 

As the rollercoaster ride of the pandemic started to slow down in 2023, and business returned to a more familiar rate, we eagerly resumed the Quinnification of STEP Software. We’ve been working hard, improving our online presence, and it is with great pleasure we announce the first of many Quinn-approved changes here at STEP: our new website.  

Why a new website?  

First things first, our old site didn’t represent us anymore. We’ve changed a lot since our last release back in 2017, and it was time to modernize. Unlike most new websites in 2023, ours is filled with a myriad of information related to software. We have rewritten all the content, updated all the images (many the result of our super talented in-house graphic design team), and even switched platforms to improve performance. It’s software simplified with a heavy dose of our nerdy personality. 

We know that no two companies take the same journey with software because no two companies are the same. It is one of the many reasons we are proud to launch a website that is all about educating you about what software is, how it works and what it can do for you.  It’s a site filled with a lot of clever information that will help you make educated business decisions related to software. We know it’s a bold move to produce a website that is not all marketing, but it’s synonymous with how we do things at STEP.  We are a different type of tech company, one that puts passions ahead of profits. A software company built on the foundations of curiosity, collaboration, innovation, and experience.  

What’s up next? 

Early in the new year, we will be releasing the next part of our Quinnification plan. We’ve talked about it a bit in a few of our blog posts this year; it’s an exciting new middleware technology just for developers. StringNetwork is a game-changer. It’s about the lessons we’ve learned and the limits of technology. StringN (as we like to call it) is a revolutionary way for developers to bridge the gap between disparate technology and a secure, simple-to-use networking protocol. Call it a passion project, call it coding for the greater good, call it whatever you want. We call it revolutionary.     

In the meantime, please check out our new site and feel free to drop us a line if you’d like to chat about your software goals.