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Staff augmentation gives organizations the flexibility to grow their technical capacity without overstressing their HR capacity – all while allowing IT leadership to maintain control over workflows, cultures, and, most critically, project and business outcomes.

Integrating seamlessly with other high-performance teams is the biggest difference between staff augmentation and outsourcing. It is hand picking the skills you need when you need them, on your terms.

STEP Software has been collaborating with technical leaders for over 15 years, providing staff augmentation services to accelerate their team’s potential.

Drop us a line to see if Staff Augmentation services can help your team.


Full Scale Development Services

A flexible stand-alone team, with optional QA and PM services. You identify a primary point of contact to liaise with the STEP team and we provide a client manager to ensure an open channel for communication. Because this team set up is flexible if your needs change, we can scale up or down resources at your request to ensure your software development needs are being met.

Software Development Services

Designed to augment an existing team, usually by offering a specific skillset or availability. Scaling up or down of resources is simple, you just let us know and we make the change on our side.  Many clients seek out this type of arrangement if their team or project requires a specific language like C++, Object Pascal or or a specific skill set like, Kiosk development or geospatial services.

Regardless of the arrangement, STEP provides flexible development services through a client centered model where communication and collaboration are the core elements of all successful engagements. 

Overall, STEP is a pleasure to work with and has proven to be a loyal and trusted vendor for Clever Devices. They have a skilled set of developers that are very easy to work with and produce high-quality product. They have differentiated themselves from other similar vendors and are always willing to listen to our needs and provide the right services and resources to help us achieve our goals.