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Apple’s new device fingerprinting rules send clear privacy message to developers

NOT A ONE-TIME CHANGE Apple is no stranger to the privacy game, as this move is only the latest in a series of policy updates designed to strengthen data access and usage policies across its platforms and devices. The most significant of these changes was the introduction of App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14.5 in 2021. That update required apps to request end-user permission to track activity across other apps and websites. Opting in allowed developers to use Apple’s IDFA identifier to share activity with third party data brokers and marketing agencies. Opting out...

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Massive Pentagon data leak shines light on insider cybersecurity risks

NO LONGER JUST A GAME Massachusetts Air National Guard member Jack Teixeira, 21, was arrested last week for allegedly stealing the highly classified military documents and sharing them on a Discord gaming channel. The compromised data includes signals-based intelligence that could impact American information gathering efforts for years to come. In the ever evolving pantheon of major cybersecurity events, this ranks among the most damaging. What is especially troubling about this particular breach is the amount of time it took to be discovered. Military officials were unaware...

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The Psychology of Data Theft: Tricks Social Engineers Use and How to Fight Back

SCARCITY Whether it is gold coins, gourmet foods that are hard to come by or the latest internet fad, scarcity drives demand and prices up. You may recall the fistfights over Cabbage Patch dolls back in the 1980s or the more recent physical tussles over chicken sandwiches when the principle of scarcity was on full display. Social engineers understand the value of scarcity, and they use that psychological weakness to entice their victims. They may pretend to have something everyone wants, and they count on human greed and fear-of-missing-out to do the rest. You can fight back against this...

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5 Advantages of Business Intelligence Software

1. IDENTIFY STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES OF YOUR BUSINESS One of the top benefits of business intelligence software is that it makes it easy for you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company due to the user-friendly format. You can instantly generate a broad spectrum of reports to give you valuable insight into the daily operations of your business. Business intelligence software also allows your company to frequently capitalize on data-backed ways to improve and to use quantifiable data to gain a competitive edge. 2. ACCESS TO REAL-TIME INFORMATION An additional benefit...

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5 Types of Data That Google Might Be Collecting from You

When you sign up to use Google’s free email service (Gmail), you fill out an account registration page. The registration page asks for personal information like your name, age (birthday), where you live, an alternative email address, and phone number. In addition to those mandatory questions, there are more personal questions that you can choose to answer (but you don’t have to). Google saves all this information when you sign up for a Gmail account. However, besides your name, the rest of the information you give doesn’t have to match your real identity (because Google doesn’t...

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