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Staff Augmentation Part 2 – 8 questions you must ask first

LET’S ROLL UP OUR SLEEVES Now that we’ve learned a bit about what staff augmentation is, it’s time to ask a few questions to determine how we’ll know if it’s something we should consider. To kickstart the process, start by asking – and hopefully answering – the following to determine if staff augmentation should be on your business roadmap: 1 – Do you need to move quickly? If you’ve got a project on the books that needs to launch – and deliver – fast, it may not be feasible to directly hire a team of full-time developers and related resources. Similarly, you may not want to reallocate...

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5 Ways an IT Provider can Save Your Business Money

1. CLOUD TECHNOLOGY Technology is always changing, and purchasing the latest computer equipment can quickly devour your budget. However, a managed service provider will enable your business to use cloud technology, which gives your business access to the best tech available without any additional costs. Cloud technology also makes it more natural for employees to work together, whether they’re inside an office or in two completely different locations. An effective IT provider will also upload all of your information onto the cloud for the maximum protection against data loss. 2....

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5 Things to Consider Before You Partner With an IT Provider

1. IT SECURITY PROTOCOLS One of the top duties of a managed service provider is to focus on cybersecurity in the workplace. Cyber threats pose significant risks for all businesses and can ruin the reputation of your company. Discussing standard IT security protocols with a managed service provider is essential to ensure that the IT support company is the right fit for your organization while also giving you optimal protection against cyber threats. 2. SERVICE-LEVEL AGREEMENT The service-level agreement (SLA) is a contract that details the services an IT provider will supply for your...

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What Can A Web Application Do for Your Business?

Think about the applications you currently have installed on your home computer or tablet. To manage a spreadsheet, you might fire up Microsoft Excel. If you’re into computer games, then you may have a program like Steam installed on your computer. Both Excel and Steam may reach out to the internet for specific data services, such as downloading new templates or adding a game to your library. But the apps themselves remain physically installed on your hard drive, and they do most of their processing locally.  Now think about some of your favourite websites. Perhaps you regularly...

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5 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Website Development and Maintenance

1. MAXIMUM SECURITY One of the top benefits of outsourcing ongoing website maintenance is that it gives your company the ultimate security against cyber threats. An experienced team of IT professionals will keep your site well-protected against the latest versions of malware and viruses. Your website will also be well-protected against hackers, and your data is backed-up in multiple locations for additional security. 2. ACCESS TO MOST RECENT UPDATES Another benefit of outsourcing website development and maintenance is that it gives your business access to the most recent software and...

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