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Hiring software developers for your team? Ask these 8 questions first

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP That’s because as much as choosing who will design the critical code that powers your business depends on their raw technical talent, that talent can’t be brought to bear if you’re not comfortable being around them. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to suggest that the most successful software engineers are just as gifted with soft skills as they are with coding ability – and that these often-overlooked non-technical abilities are as crucial to the final outcome as anything else. Because no matter how brilliant an individual or team of developers may...

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Southwest Airlines meltdown: a reminder why software maintenance matters

IT WASN’T MOTHER NATURE’S FAULT While the cancellation rate for most other major U.S. airlines – American, United, Delta, and JetBlue – ranged between 0 and 2% on the Tuesday before Christmas, Southwest had grounded 70% of its flights on Monday, and 60% on Tuesday. By Tuesday morning, Southwest’s schedule accounted for fully 2,522 of the 2,890 flight cancellations reported across the U.S. The airline that has cultivated a scrappy, humorous brand since its founding in 1967 suddenly found itself tripped up by a crew scheduling system that couldn’t keep up.  The root...

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5 suggestions for reviewing your software before the new year dawns

WHATEVER YOU USE, VISIBILITY IS CRITICAL Whether you’re working with off-the-shelf packages, custom-made solutions, or subscription-based services – or a mixture of the three – it is essential to assess your software assets and ensure they’re still functioning optimally, and are still contributing to the growth and success of the business. Because if this isn’t the case, you’re not only spending more than you should, but you’re also potentially compromising your competitive positioning against organizations who manage their software estate more effectively. As clouds continue to gather...

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5 Ways an IT Provider can Save Your Business Money

1. CLOUD TECHNOLOGY Technology is always changing, and purchasing the latest computer equipment can quickly devour your budget. However, a managed service provider will enable your business to use cloud technology, which gives your business access to the best tech available without any additional costs. Cloud technology also makes it more natural for employees to work together, whether they’re inside an office or in two completely different locations. An effective IT provider will also upload all of your information onto the cloud for the maximum protection against data loss. 2....

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How an API Can Be Leveraged to Boost Sales

WHAT AN API CAN DO: TECHNICAL DETAILS Before knowing how an API can make you money, you should first understand what an API does. API is a common term used for any component that can be used as a “middleman” between a client application and data (e.g., a third-party developer program and your internal procedures). APIs aren’t only for web applications. They are a part of operating systems that give external software access to low-level computer functionality. APIs can be implemented in many computer systems that allow third-party developers access to internal functionality...

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Why Bespoke Software Is A Smart Choice for Your Business

ROOM TO GROW WITH YOUR BUSINESS Off-the-shelf software is usually designed to solve a broad set of needs, whether you’ve been in business five minutes or five years. Bespoke software, on the other hand, can be engineered to meet your business needs now while creating opportunities to grow and change along with your business, to give you a technical advantage. At STEP Software, we work with our clients to implement a phased approach that means you only pay for the features you need now, with the freedom to execute the next phase when it makes sense to do so. You get the immediate benefits...

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