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Cybersecurity staffing alert – Gartner sounds the alarm about stress and retention

IT’S A PEOPLE PROBLEM We tend to think of cybersecurity events, like incursions, breaches, and ransomware attacks, as largely caused by failures in technology. But Gartner’s figures paint a different picture where over-stressed cybersecurity leaders are increasingly thinking of quitting. The numbers also highlight how under-resourced employees are bypassing organizational protections and exposing stakeholders to unacceptable risk. The report suggests that by 2025, almost half of all cybersecurity leaders will have moved on from their current jobs – and 25% of them will exit the...

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Seize control as tech sector layoffs reshape talent management roadmaps

A POST-PANDEMIC RIGHTSIZING As we shared last year, none of this comes as a surprise. Much of the current layoff trend is less dire than it might seem. Rather than clouds gathering on the horizon, it is more akin to a structural realignment as the economy slowly emerges from the pandemic. As COVID first took hold in March 2020, many tech companies found themselves slammed by spiking demand for services from suddenly homebound customers. Amazon, for example, had to hire hundreds of thousands of new people to handle deliveries, and to staff their warehouses to manage the crush of...

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Hiring software developers for your team? Ask these 8 questions first

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE RELATIONSHIP That’s because as much as choosing who will design the critical code that powers your business depends on their raw technical talent, that talent can’t be brought to bear if you’re not comfortable being around them. In fact, it’s no exaggeration to suggest that the most successful software engineers are just as gifted with soft skills as they are with coding ability – and that these often-overlooked non-technical abilities are as crucial to the final outcome as anything else. Because no matter how brilliant an individual or team of developers may...

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Staff Augmentation 101 – what you need to know to get started

TAMING THE TALENT MANAGEMENT TRAP As economic headwinds continue to strengthen amid stubbornly high inflation, rising inflation rates, and global economic uncertainty, organizations in all sectors – and particularly those with well-developed IT capabilities – are under increased pressure to be more effective, cost-conscious, and agile. Pulling off this often-contradictory trifecta can be a challenge, particularly considering how difficult it can be to hire the right people, train them up, and keep them resourced over time while continuously meeting ever-evolving business needs. This...

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Why Quiet Quitting is especially worrisome in tech

LET’S DEFINE IT Quiet quitting is loosely defined as a state where workers continue to do their job and meet established expectations, but instead of going above and beyond by working evenings and weekends to get ahead, they’re instead sticking only what’s in their job description, and clocking out at 5 p.m. to spend more time with their families. While there’s ample debate over exactly what quiet quitting is, and why it’s happening, there’s growing consensus that it’s a response to decades of an advance-at-all-costs business culture that has allowed companies to squeeze endless,...

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