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We started STEP to do things differently. Unlike many other companies, when we make a business decision we are focused on the integrity of the software, pride in workmanship and our desire to constantly be moving towards greatness. We are tech people who run a tech company so technology can remain front and center. It is our people that is the STEP difference.

Jim, Co-Founder


We are coders who started a business so we could put passions ahead of profits.
We believe in code excellence, collaboration and curiosity.
We do things differently and we are proud of it.

pro·gram·mer [ˈprō-ˌgra-mər]

  1. A human machine that turns coffee into code.
  2. A human that magically turns client requirements into brilliant software.
  3. A human who does not require daylight or food to perform optimally.
  4. A human who enjoys math and solving problems

Also known as: software developer, software engineer, coder, computer geek, nerd, techie

  • A place where innovation and learning are encouraged. You will be able to work on a variety of different projects, so there will be plenty of opportunities to grow your skills.

    Wes, Software Developer/Project Lead

  • A stimulating work environment with ever changing problems to solve.

    Craig, Sr. Developer/Tech Lead

  • When it comes to software, there is no better place to work. It’s never boring, any language, any protocol any OS, STEP can do it. So many things to learn here, even for seasoned professionals, there is no impossible.

    Viktor, QA/Graphic Design


    • I think most developers would get really excited seeing how many different programming languages and tools we get to use. Also, a big benefit at STEP is that the owners are developers (really, really good ones).

      Cole, Software Developer

    • A collaborative, hard working, but casual environment of like-minded team members.

      Ryan, Software Developer

    • I would describe Step as a problem-solving oriented company that values ingenuity and hard work. A modern workplace that puts the value of its employees first.

      Miles, Software Developer

    • A great place to Step up your game! But seriously, it’s a nice company with good people who are both skilled in what they do and interesting as individuals.

      Nick, Intermediate Developer

    • STEP offers great opportunities to work with and learn a diverse set of programming languages and skills, each unique to their own project/client.

      Riley, Software Developer

    • A small business full of passionate minds that strives to deliver excellent products. STEP ensures employee fulfillment and a variety of projects in different technologies encourages growth as a developer in a friendly, stress-free environment.

      Steven, Software Developer

      Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.

      Steve Jobs

      Experts say that culture in business is a collection of values, attitudes and behaviours that operate as the company compass. A shared set of core principles that define an organization.

      For us at STEP it’s simple. Hire the best and the brightest in their field and give them the tools and mentoring needed to achieve greatness, never interrupt them when they are writing code, and give them the same respect we give our clients.

      Culture is in every line of code we write, every problem we solve, every client we work with. Just like our mascot Quinn, our people, are clever, bold and creative. It is the people at STEP that make the difference.


      • Competitive salary
      • Flexible hours
      • Remote or hybrid working
      • Exceptional extended health benefits
      • Group RRSP program
      • Generous paid time off
      • Sick & emergency paid time off
      • Mentoring program
      • Access to continued learning tools
      • Service awards
      • Monthly and weekly company events
      • The tech you need to do your job effectively
      • Unlimited free coffee, tea, and sparkling water
      • The chance to work with people just like you


      • We spend a lot of effort on hiring, coaching, and mentoring. Knowledge transfer is critical, and we take the time to first select the best of the best, then work closely with them, constantly, to refine their skills and help them grow as developers. Our people have always been our power.

        Rob, Co-Founder

      • From the moment I joined, I knew I had stumbled upon something truly special.  Even though we are a lean team, the impact we make in our industry is substantial.  Our work is challenging and meaningful, and it’s incredibly satisfying to see the tangible results of our efforts.

        Lorrie, HR

      • A great place to work where your opinions and ideas are valued. A true open door policy company where even the CEO is accessible. An amazing place to grow your career.

        Leanne, Client and Project Management

        Are you clever, bold, and creative?

        Are you passionate about software and making a difference?

        We are always looking for exceptional people to join our team.

        If you don’t see a posting that fits your skillset, just send us your resume & cover letter letting us know why you would be a great fit. Bonus points for links to your passion projects or cool things you’ve already been part of.

        Open Opportunities: