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Reflecting on 2023, looking forward to 2024

As we bid farewell 2023, we can’t help but marvel at the incredible journey it has been for us at STEP Software.  This year has unfolded with moments of triumph, growth, and innovation that have shaped our narrative and set the stage for an even more promising future. Join us as we reflect on the milestones that defined our 18th year in business and cast an eager gaze into the horizon of 2024.  As we navigated the shifting landscape of work, embracing what some might call the “new normal”, we have been able to freely gather with clients and colleagues again, we proudly launched our revamped...

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What the fox is going on at STEP Software? 

We know what you’re thinking: it’s a bunch of marketing nonsense. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Back in 2019, we embarked on a mission to rebrand our company, which included launching our sassy mascot, Quinn.  We embraced his fox-like qualities of being clever, bold, and creative in every decision we made, every client we collaborated with, and every project we became part of.  We developed a plan that included a new website, the launch of an exciting new product, and a round of hiring to formalise our HR, Sales, and Marketing efforts. But, like many businesses,...

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