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Robots in the Workplace – 8 Totally Cool Personal Robots You’ll Absolutely Want in Your Office

Deep learning. Artificial intelligence. Biometric inputs. This is the future of robotics. From gesture controlled robots to voice activated minions, the advancements happening within the robotics sector are nothing short of stunning. But you do not have to wait years to experience the incredible progression in robotics. Thanks to entrepreneurial startups and forward-thinking corporations, robots are being developed at an ever-increasing pace. Some are already available for purchasing, while others are currently being brought to market via crowdfunding. Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo are allowing today’s inventors to determine demand for their creations and raise funds for production and delivery too.

The ability to fund and distribute their inventions online means a robot can be designed, built, and delivered in months instead of years. This rapid development means robots are finding their way into homes and offices around the globe. No longer are robots solely the playtoys of the rich and eccentric; robots are increasingly being found in workplaces and office buildings just like yours. If you like the idea of having your own work robot, here are eight totally cool personal robots you will want to check out for your office.


How does a touch-sensitive robot friend following you around the office sound? If you answered ,”Uh, yes please!” then the Kuri robot is for you. This cute little robot responds to your touch; with a tap on its head, it comes alive and blinks its eyes at you. Its head moves up and down as well as side to side., and with a built-in camera, this captivating robot can take pictures and videos, even letting you view your office when you are not physically present.

Since the Kuri robot is voice-sensitive, it can detect sounds and follow audio inputs to investigate where sounds are originating. The Kuri robot also has built-in speakers so it can play music or podcasts for your listening pleasure. Thanks to navigation sensors, your new mechanical friend can move around your office and get to know where objects are placed to avoid collisions. Able to maneuver over flat surfaces like tile, hardwood, and carpet, your Kuri robot can zoom around your office or follow you at a leisurely pace. If the idea of combining facial recognition, voice recognition, and gesture recognition in a robotic interface excites you, the Kuri robot needs to be on your must-investigate list. 


Do you ever wish you had a desktop robot to complete menial tasks for you? Do you get tired of completing the same actions every day and wish there were a way you could automate the process? Thanks to the uArm Swift robot, your dreams can be a reality. This mesmerizing robot arm can do everything from complete 3D prints and laser engraving to pass you a beverage when you are thirsty. Attach your choice of tips to your robot arm and instantly have custom sketches completed, or let your robot arm cool you with a tiny fan. With everything from motion detection to gesture mimicking, this is one of those inventions you will find a multitude of uses for. Add the uArm Swift to your desk and watch your productivity soar!


Lynx combines the power of robotics with the power of Amazon’s Alexa. This cheery voice-responsive robot can do everything from give you reminders to show you livestream feeds of content. Have a conversation with your personal robot, ask for music and listen to your favorite tunes, and receive notifications regarding business meetings or tasks you need to complete. This robot is so intelligent, it will even let you order merchandise from Amazon. Who knew the future of work was so cool, right?


If you have smart appliances at your office, you will want to add the LG Hub robot to your list of cool office toys. This clever robot combines artificial intelligence and IoT to let you manage your smart devices. Adjust the air conditioning in your office, play music for your staff, add tasks to your to-do list, or set office alarms. You can also use the LG Hub robot to get traffic updates before heading out for a meeting, or find out the latest weather information.


If you are looking for a unique robotic gadget to show off to your friends, look no further than Line-us. This nifty little robot mimics the gestures of your hand and arm to create custom drawings. Paired with a mobile app, the Line-us robot lets you save your drawings for social sharing. Created by a team with extensive engineering/product design experience, the Line-us machine is able to mimic drawings you create on a smartphone/tablet regardless of whether you are using a stylus, mouse, or even your finger. Create custom artwork to share with friends and family, produce funky artwork to sell, or even create your own greeting cards with hand-drawn text and images. Once you discover the power of the Line-us robot, you will be amazed at the possible uses you think of. Fully funded via Kickstarter, this is one gadget you will wish you had discovered sooner. 


If you are a businessperson who needs to travel frequently for your company, you need to discover the Travelmate robotic suitcase. This awesome new travel tool will put an end to your days of lugging a heavy suitcase through the airport or train station. The Travelmate suitcase is an autonomous piece of luggage that moves by itself alongside you as you proceed to your destination. Features include vertical and horizontal movement (standing up or lying down), a wireless battery, USB port for charging your smartphone/tablet, and AI omni wheels that learn from your movements. If you’re on the road (or in the air) a lot, Travelmate is for you. Be forewarned: you will frequently be stopped to answer questions about your unusual luggage.


If you want a peek at the future of voice-enabled robotics, check out Peeqo. Currently in development, this open-source project combines voice recognition, robotics, and GIFs. Peeqo will react to voice commands, but does not speak like Alexa or Siri. Peeqo only responds with GIFs, making it the perfect desktop companion for GIF-loving social media marketers or business professionals. If you know someone who is a hardcore GIF addict on social media, tell them about Peeqo; you just might become their new best friend.


If you have ever thought about developing your own mobile apps, the Tapster robot might be just what you need to spur you on. This enchanting robot mimics the motions of a finger or stylus tapping on a smartphone/tablet screen. Let your Tapster robot test each user interaction of your app instead of spending your valuable time doing your own tapping. Automation + mobile app development = the future of programming!

These are just eight examples of innovation within the robotics space. Inventors are creating robots that interact with humans in a multitude of ways. From voice-activated to AI-powered robotics, today’s consumer has plenty of options at their disposal. Whether you want an office robot powered by Amazon’s Alexa technology or you want a motion-sensitive robot that can react when you walk into your office, the choice is now yours thanks to the rapid advancement in this sector.

As artificial intelligence and machine learning advance, so too will the field of robotics. These eight robots are just the beginning of workplace robots; the future looks incredible for work automation and productivity. Will you be adding any of these robots to your office?

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