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4 Easy to Understand Machine Learning Methods

MACHINE LEARNING? Machine learning is a subfield of computer science focused on designing algorithms that can “learn” from data. The discipline intertwines intimately with the field of artificial intelligence. There are two main kinds of machine learning: unsupervised learning and supervised learning. Both are useful in data analysis. Unsupervised learning involves a machine learning algorithm looking at data and finding patterns, frequently referred to as “features.” Supervised learning, on the other hand, is what you do when you have input data as well as...

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Robots in the Workplace – 8 Totally Cool Personal Robots You’ll Absolutely Want in Your Office

The ability to fund and distribute their inventions online means a robot can be designed, built, and delivered in months instead of years. This rapid development means robots are finding their way into homes and offices around the globe. No longer are robots solely the playtoys of the rich and eccentric; robots are increasingly being found in workplaces and office buildings just like yours. If you like the idea of having your own work robot, here are eight totally cool personal robots you will want to check out for your office. KURI How does a touch-sensitive robot friend following...

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5 Machine Learning Tools Entrepreneurs Should Know About

PREDICTION If you want to integrate machine learning into your software code, Prediction is a must-discover. Offering a machine learning server (open source), Prediction lets you create anything from a machine learning-enabled ecommerce interface to a product recommendation engine. Why write the code yourself when Prediction makes implementation so easy? COGNITIONLAB If bot building is on your to-do list, add CognitionLab to your list of helpful entrepreneurial tools. CognitionLab uses machine learning to help users create powerful bots you can incorporate into...

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Humans versus Robots – The Race is on to Save Humanity

That raises the question of when exactly is “eventually” and how can we plan for it. In February 2017, Bill Gates suggested taxing robots as a way of compensating humans for jobs lost to machines. He didn’t elaborate on how the tax revenue might be collected or how it might be distributed to the people made redundant by machines. In any case, that would tackle just a small part of the problem. The bigger part, recently addressed by Elan Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Inc. concerns machines becoming smarter than humans – maybe even becoming conscious. Conscious machines,...

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