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5 Machine Learning Tools Entrepreneurs Should Know About

Are you an entrepreneur hoping to use machine learning to advance your existing company or build a new one? Are you constantly on the lookout for innovative ways you can use data intelligence to power the growth of your business? There are a wide variety of new machine learning resources being released on an ever-increasing basis; the key is to discover them so you can put them to work for your entrepreneurial endeavour. Dive into the following collection of machine learning interfaces; you just might find a resource or two you can use to build the next unicorn startup.


If you want to integrate machine learning into your software code, Prediction is a must-discover. Offering a machine learning server (open source), Prediction lets you create anything from a machine learning-enabled ecommerce interface to a product recommendation engine. Why write the code yourself when Prediction makes implementation so easy?


If bot building is on your to-do list, add CognitionLab to your list of helpful entrepreneurial tools. CognitionLab uses machine learning to help users create powerful bots you can incorporate into your entrepreneurial business plans. Thanks to ongoing user input, your bots will grow more intelligent over time.


If you are new to machine learning, Amazon Machine Learning might be just the resource you need. Use their powerful platform to learn everything from retail traffic flow prediction to ecommerce analytics. Think of Amazon Machine Learning as an education and internship all in one.


The Microsoft Azure Machine Learning tools are another handy resource for entrepreneurs. As part of their Cortana Intelligence Suite, Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning Suite includes everything from code packages to drag-and-drop programs for data scientists. Discover tools like text analytics, statistical interfaces, and binary classifiers.


If you want more media coverage for your entrepreneurial pursuits, add Contactable to your growth hacking strategy. Contactable uses machine learning technology to uncover relevant journalists for your company. With a database of over 50,000 reporters, can you afford to not check out Contactable? 

The power of machine learning is just beginning to be realized by savvy entrepreneurs. This tantalizing technology can be incorporated into anything from mobile applications to open source software. Building an arsenal of new machine learning resources is an excellent way to ensure you don’t miss potential growth opportunities that might be surfaced by this powerful technology. How many of the above-listed tools will you be adding to your entrepreneur’s resource list?