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5 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Website Development and Maintenance

1. MAXIMUM SECURITY One of the top benefits of outsourcing ongoing website maintenance is that it gives your company the ultimate security against cyber threats. An experienced team of IT professionals will keep your site well-protected against the latest versions of malware and viruses. Your website will also be well-protected against hackers, and your data is backed-up in multiple locations for additional security. 2. ACCESS TO MOST RECENT UPDATES Another benefit of outsourcing website development and maintenance is that it gives your business access to the most recent software and...

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5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Website

1. CHECK ALL YOUR LINKS Your website can have between a dozen and hundreds (or even thousands) of links. There are inbound links in your written content that link to other parts of your site, and outbound links that show customers where you sourced your information. If these links are not working properly, then potential customers can end up aggravated – and this tends to mean that they will not become your customers. While this step of the website spring cleaning process may be tedious, it’s incredibly important. Take a few hours out of your day to check that all links are...

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