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5 Hot IoT Devices for Your Free Time

February 2, 2017
The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing homes, offices, and cities into more connected, more efficient environments that constantly gather and analyze large amounts of data. IoT is making homes more secure, jobs easier, and hobbies more fun and challenging. From intelligent ski goggles to tennis bracelets that offer insight into your game, here are five brilliant and fun gadgets that can make your free time more enjoyable.


Smash is a smart tennis wearable that gives you advice on how to improve your game. Smash uses a triaxial accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer which take hundreds of measurements every second to create an incredibly detailed picture of your game. The device uses this large amount of data to deliver personalized practice paths and tips based on your ability, thereby making your game more rewarding. The wristband is small and unobtrusive, weighs only 15 grams, and has a battery time of six to eight hours.


Ellipse is a smart bike lock that can provide crash alerts, theft alerts, and keyless entry. Ellipse uses a built-in accelerometer to detect when someone is tampering with the lock and sends a theft threat alert to your smartphone. The accelerometer can also detect when you crash your bike and send a notification to someone in your network. Ellipse features a steel housing, a robust rubber cover, and a built-in solar panel that keeps the battery charged. If your phone dies, Ellipse can be opened using a touch interface.


The Airwave Snow Goggles from Oakley are sky goggles equipped with Bluetooth, GPS, and a crisp heads-up display. Smartphone connectivity allows you to view incoming calls and text messages on the screen, while the Buddy Tracking feature allows you find nearby friends that are also using Oakley Airwave Goggles. The goggles feature onboard sensors which measure your speed, vertical drop, altitude, and distance. The Trip Viewer feature allows you to review your performance at the end of each day.


The Adidas MyCoach Smart Ball is a smart football that can detect spin, speed, strike, and flight path, and instantly send the data to your Android or Apple device. The accompanying app analyzes each kick and provides coaching tips, drills, and tutorials that help you develop better on-pitch skills. The ball has a battery life of 2,000 kicks a week, with a charging time of one hour.


Deeper Smart Fishfinder is a fishing device that floats on the water surface and takes detailed sonar pictures of the bottom. It can gather information about depth, bottom structure, vegetation, temperature, and fish location, and then send it to your mobile device. The Deeper Fishfinder is small enough to fit in your fishing box, and can be used to fish from a dock, bridge, kayak, float tube, or boat.

Smart, connected devices are becoming increasingly popular, and are promising to transform people’s lives. Perhaps some of the most remarkable smart devices already on the market are designed to make hobbies more enjoyable. By gathering and analyzing large amounts of information from their environment, devices such as balls, tennis bracelets, fitness bands, and ski goggles can make us better at the activities we enjoy the most, while helping us understand the abilities and limitations of our bodies.