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How SaaS is Changing IT Departments

HIRING FOR DIFFERENT SKILL SETS Traditionally, IT staff have been expected to possess highly technical skills because workers needed to be able to manage and configure on-premises software and servers. However, since cloud-based servers require less technical expertise, IT departments need fewer computer science graduates with programming and database management skills. Instead, technology workers need more proficient in business analytics and savvy decision-making skills. As more companies transition to SaaS, it becomes more about creating business processes based on what the technology...

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How to Increase Traffic Flow to Your Website

1. UTILITY The number one element that search engines look for when ranking your site is how well it functions for its advertised purpose. This means that the smoother your site operates, the more visitors it will receive. Things like elegant main navigation and descriptive captions for your images can introduce visitors to your message and assist them in finding what they came for. Invest time, money and energy into creating the most useful website possible for your budget. It’s also important to ensure your site works just as well on mobile devices as it does on the desktop. Adjust...

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3 Key Factors that Will Influence Your SEO Results

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING Relationship building is a key factor in modern SEO, allowing you to gain backlinks that might previously be out of reach. Many people have achieved top rankings without focusing on relationships, often purchasing links or using automated software. However, the search engines have gotten better at detecting these activities, so your results might not last long. Solid relationships, though, enable you to gain backlinks and promotion from relevant authority sites. You can provide guest posts for a blog, get added to a resource page, or be used as a citation within an...

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