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How to Increase Traffic Flow to Your Website

Many businesses struggle to attract sufficient levels of traffic to their site. Increasing the number of visitors a website receives isn’t always easy, but it is often surprisingly simple. Many websites can improve their situation by adhering to a few basic principles. These five tips will enable you to create a better performing site that regularly attracts a larger number of visitors. Let’s take a quick look at some foundational ways to improve your website so it attracts more traffic on an ongoing basis.


The number one element that search engines look for when ranking your site is how well it functions for its advertised purpose. This means that the smoother your site operates, the more visitors it will receive. Things like elegant main navigation and descriptive captions for your images can introduce visitors to your message and assist them in finding what they came for. Invest time, money and energy into creating the most useful website possible for your budget.

It’s also important to ensure your site works just as well on mobile devices as it does on the desktop. Adjust your layout and the presentation of your content so that it is easily viewable on mobile. Search engines like Google have a ‘mobile-first’ policy that means they will evaluate your site on its mobile performance before taking its desktop functionality into account. This increasingly means that mobile sites are served up to visitors in the place of a desktop version when Google decides the mobile site better addresses the visitors’ needs. And it decreases the likelihood of desktop pages being inadvertently served to mobile devices where they can be more difficult to navigate and to locate what you were originally searching for.

Ensuring your site works well is an on-going project. Keep on top of site maintenance at all times. For example, it’s easy to assume all your links are working but the mercurial nature of the web means they need to be tested regularly to prevent dead-ends, navigation loops, and 404 errors.


Publishing and sharing content on your website is a proven way to increase traffic flow. The content you create should accurately reflect your brand message, so it needs to be of the highest quality. Content that is rushed or poorly thought-through (or worse, plagiarized from another site) could potentially have a detrimental effect on your attempts to attract regular visitors to your site. Whether your content is informative, entertaining or an engaging combination of the two, it should strive to answer two of the most common visitor questions: “What are they actually offering?” and “Why should I buy it from this site?”

Research your target audience and try to create content that is appropriate in tone, style and subject matter. If you can create content that is in-demand, on message, easy to navigate and helpful, internet users will naturally gravitate towards your website. 


Social media is a digital marketer’s best friend. Any content you create should be shared widely on your social media accounts. Research the different platforms available and pick a handful of the most appropriate ones on which to establish a presence for your brand.

By building a following on social media, you can tap into a market of individuals and groups that will be naturally more inclined to visit your site. Share your content with the most relevant communities so that it reaches users who would be most interested in it. Social media is not naturally transaction-driven – it’s built to facilitate social conversations. So make the time to have your brand interact with social media users on their terms, referencing their posted wants/needs, and providing one-on-one solutions to their challenges. Building goodwill towards your brand is always worth the effort.


The only way to know if your efforts are effective is to constantly analyze your website analytics. Use every tool at your disposal to monitor how your site is performing. Every time you make changes or post a new piece of content, take note of how those efforts have an impact on your traffic levels.

If you can ascertain which approaches work well and which don’t, you can then streamline your efforts to be more efficient and effective in the future. Only by constantly analyzing your site’s data will you be able to improve performance and deliberately refine your content to attract new visitors.


There are many ways to organically attract visitors to your site without paying any money, but you should also be open to more traditional forms of paid advertising. Google, the pay-per-click behemoth behind most internet advertising, is responsible for showing users both traditional text-based and multimedia ads across their various networks. There are as many Google Ads strategies as there are websites, but a simple approach of test trial and error is often enough. Advertising on social media, however, presents an opportunity for advertising your website where you can target the most relevant user demographics for your content. 

The most effective approach to attracting more users is often a combination of upgrading your content with free search engine optimization and supplementing that with paid advertising. Complement the work you’re doing in other areas with targeted paid campaigns to make the most of every opportunity. A great piece of content on your blog, for example, may just need a bit of paid promotion to reach its full potential.

Attracting more web traffic is often frustratingly challenging as your efforts can go unappreciated and your traffic figures might stagnate. However, there are many things you can do to improve the situation. By using these five tips to create a finely-tuned website that functions well and by posting useful, engaging content that appeals to new audiences, you can start attracting a steady stream of new users to your site. To improve conversion rates, make sure you’re giving them what they’re looking for when they get there. 

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