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5 suggestions for reviewing your software before the new year dawns

WHATEVER YOU USE, VISIBILITY IS CRITICAL Whether you’re working with off-the-shelf packages, custom-made solutions, or subscription-based services – or a mixture of the three – it is essential to assess your software assets and ensure they’re still functioning optimally, and are still contributing to the growth and success of the business. Because if this isn’t the case, you’re not only spending more than you should, but you’re also potentially compromising your competitive positioning against organizations who manage their software estate more effectively. As clouds continue to gather...

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How SaaS is Changing IT Departments

HIRING FOR DIFFERENT SKILL SETS Traditionally, IT staff have been expected to possess highly technical skills because workers needed to be able to manage and configure on-premises software and servers. However, since cloud-based servers require less technical expertise, IT departments need fewer computer science graduates with programming and database management skills. Instead, technology workers need more proficient in business analytics and savvy decision-making skills. As more companies transition to SaaS, it becomes more about creating business processes based on what the technology...

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