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Why Some of the Largest Companies Are Choosing WordPress

1. WordPress is open-source, which means that the code can be tweaked and adjusted easily (and legally) by anyone using it. So, while some users use WordPress with no alterations from the base install, others change the system to suit their specific needs. 2. It’s infinitely flexible, thanks to a plethora of plugins. Plugins are pieces of code that work with WordPress that developers write and distribute. Some plugins cost money; others are free. Furthermore, WordPress plugins are independent, so you don’t need to do a chain of updates to get things working again after, say,...

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10 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Already Impacting Your Life

Despite Hollywood’s persistent attempts to convince us otherwise, our world is not overwhelmed by malevolent runaway machines and dangerous robots. Yet functional artificial intelligence is everywhere you look. Here are 10 ways in which AI is already impacting your life: 1. Social media monitoring. It would be impossible for humans to police the huge volume of user-posted videos and other content hosted by social media sites every single day, but AI is filling the gaps. From flagging and deleting copy-protected songs to shutting down depictions of violence, artificial intelligence is helping...

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