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Tag: cybercrime

LastPass breach: an historic – and likely ignored – cybersecurity lesson

THE PASSWORD MANAGEMENT PROMISE Password management has always been a struggle between convenience and security, with end-users often using the same password across multiple systems and using passwords – such as names of pets or significant others – containing clues easily obtained from social media. Some will even use the same passwords for years at a stretch, which can extend vulnerability long after their authentication information has been compromised in a breach. Password management solutions like LastPass, 1Password, and Dashlane promise to address the weakest...

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The Psychology of Data Theft: Tricks Social Engineers Use and How to Fight Back

SCARCITY Whether it is gold coins, gourmet foods that are hard to come by or the latest internet fad, scarcity drives demand and prices up. You may recall the fistfights over Cabbage Patch dolls back in the 1980s or the more recent physical tussles over chicken sandwiches when the principle of scarcity was on full display. Social engineers understand the value of scarcity, and they use that psychological weakness to entice their victims. They may pretend to have something everyone wants, and they count on human greed and fear-of-missing-out to do the rest. You can fight back against this...

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