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Staff Augmentation Part 2 – 8 questions you must ask first

LET’S ROLL UP OUR SLEEVES Now that we’ve learned a bit about what staff augmentation is, it’s time to ask a few questions to determine how we’ll know if it’s something we should consider. To kickstart the process, start by asking – and hopefully answering – the following to determine if staff augmentation should be on your business roadmap: 1 – Do you need to move quickly? If you’ve got a project on the books that needs to launch – and deliver – fast, it may not be feasible to directly hire a team of full-time developers and related resources. Similarly, you may not want to reallocate...

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Why Quiet Quitting is especially worrisome in tech

LET’S DEFINE IT Quiet quitting is loosely defined as a state where workers continue to do their job and meet established expectations, but instead of going above and beyond by working evenings and weekends to get ahead, they’re instead sticking only what’s in their job description, and clocking out at 5 p.m. to spend more time with their families. While there’s ample debate over exactly what quiet quitting is, and why it’s happening, there’s growing consensus that it’s a response to decades of an advance-at-all-costs business culture that has allowed companies to squeeze endless,...

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