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Staff Augmentation 101 – what you need to know to get started

TAMING THE TALENT MANAGEMENT TRAP As economic headwinds continue to strengthen amid stubbornly high inflation, rising inflation rates, and global economic uncertainty, organizations in all sectors – and particularly those with well-developed IT capabilities – are under increased pressure to be more effective, cost-conscious, and agile. Pulling off this often-contradictory trifecta can be a challenge, particularly considering how difficult it can be to hire the right people, train them up, and keep them resourced over time while continuously meeting ever-evolving business needs. This...

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Tech sector layoffs hold sobering talent management lessons for HR

HIGH-PROFILE JOB CUTS Meta eliminated about 13% – or 11,000 – of its salaried workforce. Salesforce pared 2,500 from its payroll, and Snap sent 6,000, of its employees packing. And even Microsoft and Amazon have been eliminating corporate roles through both layoffs and corporate attrition. Here in Canada, where STEP Software is based, Shopify, Hootsuite, and Wealthsimple have all made major headcount reductions in recent months` While these numbers are certainly eye-opening, they don’t come out of nowhere. We see three basic factors at play here: 1 – It’s part of...

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