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5 Things to Consider Before You Partner With an IT Provider

1. IT SECURITY PROTOCOLS One of the top duties of a managed service provider is to focus on cybersecurity in the workplace. Cyber threats pose significant risks for all businesses and can ruin the reputation of your company. Discussing standard IT security protocols with a managed service provider is essential to ensure that the IT support company is the right fit for your organization while also giving you optimal protection against cyber threats. 2. SERVICE-LEVEL AGREEMENT The service-level agreement (SLA) is a contract that details the services an IT provider will supply for your...

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Satisfying Your Curiosity About 3D Printing

HISTORY OF 3D PRINTING Although you might think 3D printing is a new technology, it has been around for quite a while. The journey of 3D printing began when Hideo Kodama published a paper in 1981 describing a rapid-prototyping system which made use of photopolymers, an acrylic-based material. When a UV laser beam hits a liquid photopolymer, it turns into a solid. Three years later, Charles Hull invented stereolithography. This machine lets designers make digital models and transform them to print something tangible. The secret of stereolithography lies in its use of the previously...

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