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Tag: Search engine optimization

5 Ways to Improve Your Voice Search Optimization

1. SCHEMA MARKUP Search engines scour your site’s metadata in an attempt to rank it accurately. The tags used in a site’s metadata are known as schema markup and can help improve its search engine standing. Consider the terms an individual may use when searching for your site and add relevant tags into your schema markup. It’s important to consider the subtle differences between phrases commonly used in voice searches and the ones in more traditional text-based ones. If you can identify the terms most frequently used in voice searches, adding them to your schema markup...

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3 Key Factors that Will Influence Your SEO Results

RELATIONSHIP BUILDING Relationship building is a key factor in modern SEO, allowing you to gain backlinks that might previously be out of reach. Many people have achieved top rankings without focusing on relationships, often purchasing links or using automated software. However, the search engines have gotten better at detecting these activities, so your results might not last long. Solid relationships, though, enable you to gain backlinks and promotion from relevant authority sites. You can provide guest posts for a blog, get added to a resource page, or be used as a citation within an...

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