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Tag: ROI

Why Bespoke Software Is A Smart Choice for Your Business

ROOM TO GROW WITH YOUR BUSINESS Off-the-shelf software is usually designed to solve a broad set of needs, whether you’ve been in business five minutes or five years. Bespoke software, on the other hand, can be engineered to meet your business needs now while creating opportunities to grow and change along with your business, to give you a technical advantage. At STEP Software, we work with our clients to implement a phased approach that means you only pay for the features you need now, with the freedom to execute the next phase when it makes sense to do so. You get the immediate benefits...

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5 Tips for Creating a Great UX 

1. RESEARCH Before you can begin to create an arresting UX, you must first get to know your ideal user. Decide who your site is to be designed for and spend time getting to know the needs and wants of that specific demographic. Market research is crucial to designing a winning UX. Through the use of surveys, questionnaires, and analysis of similar projects, you can create a detailed picture of your average user. Once you have an idea of who will be visiting your site or app, you can tailor your UX to them by implementing design features that are relevant and appropriate. An intimate...

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