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10 Tips for Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)

1. IDENTIFY THE RISKS Begin developing your disaster recovery plan by identifying the potential risks to your IT infrastructure. Possible dangers may include events like hardware failure, power loss, cybercrime, fire, or flood. In some cases, the type of risk will dictate the appropriate DRP action. If you identify hurricanes as a risk, for example, your DRP would need to include a provision for moving your operation to an alternative, unaffected site. 2. DOCUMENT ALL YOUR IT RESOURCES You will need to make a full inventory of all your IT resources. This inventory should include all...

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How Point-of-Sale Software Enhances an Enterprise Software System

WHAT IS A POINT-OF-SALE SYSTEM? The point-of-sale system records detailed data concerning product sales, customer service productivity and inventory levels on a real-time basis, a feature that is not always provided by enterprise software packages. All of these factors influence purchasing, staffing and planning decisions. At the very minimum, the point-of-sale system tracks merchandise sales from a volume and a dollar amount. The system can track cash sales, credit sales, layaways and consignments. These details can be analyzed for business insight, including which items are being purchased...

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