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Tag: Internet of Things

10 Ways the Internet of Things Will Transform Your Life

1. THE INTERNET WILL BECOME EVEN MORE INTERCONNECTED Currently, most devices, apps, and websites work independently of each other. However, as the IoT grows, the digital world will become more of an extensive ecosystem. This Internet ecosystem will be built on smart devices that are connected to central hubs to make sharing data across platforms faster and more straightforward. 2. SMART APPLIANCES WILL DO MUNDANE CHORES FOR YOU In the future, your smart appliances will be capable of doing many of the mundane chores that are currently your responsibility. For example, smart refrigerators...

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7 Notable Uses of the Internet of Things (IoT)

WEARABLE DEVICES The demand for wearable IoT-enabled devices has multiplied substantially in recent years. Tech giants such as Samsung and Google have invested heavily in wearable devices and technologies. Their overwhelming popularity has millions of people anticipating the release of new models of smartwatches each year. Wearable IoT devices cover a lot of categories including health, fitness, and entertainment. These devices function through software and sensors which gather data. The data is then stored, communicated, and processed to discover insights about its users. VEHICLES The...

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