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Tag: Information Technology

Cybersecurity budgets fail to keep pace with intensifying threat landscape

INFRASTRUCTURE INCREASINGLY UNDER THREAT The Suncor attack reflects the accelerating vulnerability of organizations in the infrastructure space – see Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods for earlier examples of high-profile ransomware events that resulted in widespread consumer impact. It also comes on the heels of a warning from the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (CCCS) that the oil and gas sector is increasingly being targeted by opportunistic cybercriminals. Barely two months ago, the Globe & Mail newspaper reported on pro-Russian claims that...

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Batten down the hatches and hit the gas: 8 steps to recession-proof your IT budget

THE ECONOMY BEGINS TO TURN It’s easy to understand why the broader economy is pulling back after over a decade of historic expansion. Early pandemic spending sprees are giving way to late-pandemic pullbacks. The Russian invasion of Ukraine is sending shockwaves around the globe. Between chaotic energy markets, broken supply chains, waves of layoffs, rampant inflation, and spiking interest rates, there’s no shortage of frightening economic headlines. Historically, IT has followed the rest of the business herd as economic indicators have started to trend downward. As everyone else’s budget...

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Information Technology and Business Strategies 

Gone are the days when IT focused on buying what was only available or affordable and in turn expected the business process to fit.  Today the business is strategized and IT must be able to fill the requirements.  But in order to have a successful overall company strategy, planning should be accomplished together.  IT needs to understand the goals and objectives of the business, both from a short and long term perspective.  In the same manner the business side needs to understand the limitations faced by IT whether technical or financial. So what do these planning sessions...

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