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Staff Augmentation Part 2 – 8 questions you must ask first

LET’S ROLL UP OUR SLEEVES Now that we’ve learned a bit about what staff augmentation is, it’s time to ask a few questions to determine how we’ll know if it’s something we should consider. To kickstart the process, start by asking – and hopefully answering – the following to determine if staff augmentation should be on your business roadmap: 1 – Do you need to move quickly? If you’ve got a project on the books that needs to launch – and deliver – fast, it may not be feasible to directly hire a team of full-time developers and related resources. Similarly, you may not want to reallocate...

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Tech sector layoffs hold sobering talent management lessons for HR

HIGH-PROFILE JOB CUTS Meta eliminated about 13% – or 11,000 – of its salaried workforce. Salesforce pared 2,500 from its payroll, and Snap sent 6,000, of its employees packing. And even Microsoft and Amazon have been eliminating corporate roles through both layoffs and corporate attrition. Here in Canada, where STEP Software is based, Shopify, Hootsuite, and Wealthsimple have all made major headcount reductions in recent months` While these numbers are certainly eye-opening, they don’t come out of nowhere. We see three basic factors at play here: 1 – It’s part of...

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