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Meta to end news in Canada after Online News Act becomes law

AN HISTORIC SHIFT – AND ITS CONSEQUENCES It’s no secret that traditional media outlets have struggled in recent years as tech firms – largely web and social media giants like Google and Meta – have taken over the advertising market. Consumer habits have moved online, and revenues that once flowed exclusively to traditional newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations have shifted to digital platforms. Along the way, tech platforms have been indexing, linking to, and cross-posting news content, then selling ads against the resulting traffic. Media platforms pay to create the content,...

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5 Social Media Tips to Prevent Pandemic Info Overload

1. STICK TO VERIFIED AND RELIABLE SOURCES It’s easy to get overwhelmed with information, from facts to opinions to everything in between, when your eyes are glued to social media all day. This information overload can get worse if your friends on Facebook and Twitter are posting and then sharing each other’s posts. Streamline the information you consume by sticking to verified and reliable sources. Start with sites like, the WHO website, official national websites (think and their Facebook or Twitter pages, and the social media output of scientists...

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