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Tag: ethics

As business concerns over AI ethics continue to worsen, new best practices emerge

EARLY AND BUGGY Since ChatGPT was first made available for public consumption in late 2022, it has served as the poster child for the generative AI revolution. It has also become something of a proving ground for millions of AI newbies still trying to figure out how all of this applies to them. But like any new technology, it comes with its own dark side. AI chatbots tend to “hallucinate”. Also known as going rogue, they can just as easily return outright lies the longer we interact with them. These imperfections are largely based on the fact that their training methods often...

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Geoffrey Hinton’s resignation from Google is AI’s canary in a coal mine

GROWING CONSENSUS Hinton resigned from Google last week, saying AI could pose a more urgent threat to humanity than climate change. He said he wanted to speak out on these risks without worrying about damaging his now-former employer’s reputation. The timing of Hinton’s resignation – so soon after the release of an open letter from the Future of Life Institute, signed by over 1,000 top industry researchers, which called for a 6-month moratorium on testing next-generation large language models – is no coincidence. It signals a growing momentum among scientists and researchers...

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