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Privacy Concerns: New Technology to Grade Meetings Through Surveillance of Attendees

HOW IT WORKS Using sensors, cameras, and software algorithms, Microsoft’s “Meeting Insight Computing System” (MICS) will collect data on each meeting participant’s body language, expressions, and participation level. MICS will also track how much time attendees spend on activities that are not meeting-related, such as texting or reading email. For remote meeting participants, MICS factors in whether or not they activate their cameras. The system will also take environmental factors into consideration, including the temperature and level of noise in a meeting room....

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How Point-of-Sale Software Enhances an Enterprise Software System

WHAT IS A POINT-OF-SALE SYSTEM? The point-of-sale system records detailed data concerning product sales, customer service productivity and inventory levels on a real-time basis, a feature that is not always provided by enterprise software packages. All of these factors influence purchasing, staffing and planning decisions. At the very minimum, the point-of-sale system tracks merchandise sales from a volume and a dollar amount. The system can track cash sales, credit sales, layaways and consignments. These details can be analyzed for business insight, including which items are being purchased...

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