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What Can A Web Application Do for Your Business?

Think about the applications you currently have installed on your home computer or tablet. To manage a spreadsheet, you might fire up Microsoft Excel. If you’re into computer games, then you may have a program like Steam installed on your computer. Both Excel and Steam may reach out to the internet for specific data services, such as downloading new templates or adding a game to your library. But the apps themselves remain physically installed on your hard drive, and they do most of their processing locally.  Now think about some of your favourite websites. Perhaps you regularly...

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Why Bespoke Software Is A Smart Choice for Your Business

ROOM TO GROW WITH YOUR BUSINESS Off-the-shelf software is usually designed to solve a broad set of needs, whether you’ve been in business five minutes or five years. Bespoke software, on the other hand, can be engineered to meet your business needs now while creating opportunities to grow and change along with your business, to give you a technical advantage. At STEP Software, we work with our clients to implement a phased approach that means you only pay for the features you need now, with the freedom to execute the next phase when it makes sense to do so. You get the immediate benefits...

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Satisfying Your Curiosity About 3D Printing

HISTORY OF 3D PRINTING Although you might think 3D printing is a new technology, it has been around for quite a while. The journey of 3D printing began when Hideo Kodama published a paper in 1981 describing a rapid-prototyping system which made use of photopolymers, an acrylic-based material. When a UV laser beam hits a liquid photopolymer, it turns into a solid. Three years later, Charles Hull invented stereolithography. This machine lets designers make digital models and transform them to print something tangible. The secret of stereolithography lies in its use of the previously...

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