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Collaboration tools hit their stride in the post-COVID age

A CHAOTIC START The early days of the COVID-19 pandemic were disruptive in ways we’re only just beginning to understand. After the initial wave of lockdowns sent millions of knowledge workers home in March 2020, IT leaders were challenged to keep everyone working no matter where they were, or how they were connected. Collaboration platforms were quickly forced into service as organizations of all sizes and in all sectors struggled to maintain productivity for their suddenly remote workforces. They may have succeeded in keeping the lights on, but the processes used to do so weren’t...

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What Can A Web Application Do for Your Business?

Think about the applications you currently have installed on your home computer or tablet. To manage a spreadsheet, you might fire up Microsoft Excel. If you’re into computer games, then you may have a program like Steam installed on your computer. Both Excel and Steam may reach out to the internet for specific data services, such as downloading new templates or adding a game to your library. But the apps themselves remain physically installed on your hard drive, and they do most of their processing locally.  Now think about some of your favourite websites. Perhaps you regularly...

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