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Tag: business strategies

What Can an API Do for Your Business?

WHAT IS AN API? An API is a program that runs on a web server that other programmers can use to integrate your business logic into their own programs. It’s an application that has no user-friendly front-end even though it runs on a web server. It’s a program that exposes your own business logic to the world. Salesforce is the perfect example of a popular API. Every sales person knows of Salesforce, and it’s required by many organizations. Salesforce doesn’t have a main website application such as Twitter or Facebook. Instead, its business model is focused on having...

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Information Technology and Business Strategies 

Gone are the days when IT focused on buying what was only available or affordable and in turn expected the business process to fit.  Today the business is strategized and IT must be able to fill the requirements.  But in order to have a successful overall company strategy, planning should be accomplished together.  IT needs to understand the goals and objectives of the business, both from a short and long term perspective.  In the same manner the business side needs to understand the limitations faced by IT whether technical or financial. So what do these planning sessions...

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