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Apple’s new device fingerprinting rules send clear privacy message to developers

NOT A ONE-TIME CHANGE Apple is no stranger to the privacy game, as this move is only the latest in a series of policy updates designed to strengthen data access and usage policies across its platforms and devices. The most significant of these changes was the introduction of App Tracking Transparency in iOS 14.5 in 2021. That update required apps to request end-user permission to track activity across other apps and websites. Opting in allowed developers to use Apple’s IDFA identifier to share activity with third party data brokers and marketing agencies. Opting out...

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Apple Vision Pro won’t break sales records – but it will still change computing

THINKING – AND ACTING – BEYOND IPHONE Let’s be clear: Apple needs to wean itself off of its iPhone habit. Last year, 52% of Apple’s revenue of $394.3 billion USD came from iPhone sales. While this is down from previous years – as the company has successfully launched the Apple Watch, AirPods, and its growing ecosystem of services, among others – it still leaves the company vulnerable to slowing growth in smartphone-related revenues. And make no mistake: that growth is already headed south. IDC recently revised its global handset sales projections for 2023...

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Apple security update – 5 lessons for the hybrid workforce

NEVER-ENDING WARNINGS After all, hardly a day goes by that we’re not receiving yet another warning that our favorite Windows PC, Android phone, Ring smart doorbell, or Roomba smart vacuum cleaner needs a software update to patch a weakness that seemingly came out of nowhere. We’ve become almost numb to the never-ending threat landscape, to the sky-is-falling warnings that it’s time, yet again, to batten down the hatches. At the same time, it’s just as easy to understand why we can’t afford to ignore the warnings. And why it’s long past due for employers and employees alike to change...

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