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Why We’re Introducing A Mascot as Part of Our STEP Brand

Traditionally, a mascot is an animal or object used to represent a group with a common identity. This includes schools, sports teams, organizations, charities, and brands. The choice of mascot often embodies an organization’s most desirable qualities and characteristics, aligned with the brand’s spirit, and is reflected in its daily operations. Let’s continue the mascot guessing game, shall we? Here’s another hint: STEP Software serves our clients with solutions that are nimble, agile, and resourceful. And we pride ourselves on hiring team members who aren’t only skillful, they’re clever. Figure...

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9 Misunderstandings About Agile

1. AGILE ELIMINATES PLANNING The successful implementation of the agile methodology, like the Waterfall development approach, is dependent on supporting business processes, including planning and budgeting. One difference between agile planning and Waterfall planning is the time at which planning occurs. In that agile employs iterative processes, its planning process is incremental as well. In contrast, the Waterfall model requires that planning take place during the project’s initial phase. In turn, the scope of planning that occurs for an agile project at one point in time differs...

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