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The Customer Communication Connection

CARING ENOUGH TO KNOW If you didn’t know your child’s favourite sport or remember your mother’s birthday, what would that say about your commitment to the relationship? Really, not as much as you might think. You might be preoccupied or mistaken. But you know that, to your child or your mother, it might seem like you aren’t paying attention. As business people, we have very good intentions to bolster the evidence that shows our customers that we are paying attention. If we care enough to remember details about their business, their purchase history, past requests,...

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DevSecOps: Why It’s Important and How To Achieve It

What Is DevSecOps? In essence, DevSecOps is a refinement of the original DevOps concept that puts more emphasis on the importance of application security. Many cybersecurity incidents are the result of security flaws in an application’s code. There is a strong argument that the DevOps movement’s focus on faster software deployment acts as a barrier to developing secure software. Software security teams are tasked with ensuring that vulnerable code is not released into production. Traditionally, security teams implement rigorous testing to verify the integrity and security...

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4 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Security Automation Services

1. REDUCE EMPLOYEE MISTAKES One of the many advantages of security automation is that it greatly reduces the number of mistakes in the workplace due to human error. Employees are much more likely to become careless and make mistakes if they are continually performing mundane tasks each day. However, security automation is perfect for handling many of these duties, such as automatically downloading the latest security updates or uploading daily data backups to the cloud. Time saved by automation = more time to focus on the tasks at hand. And we call that a productivity win. 2. IMPROVE...

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10 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Already Impacting Your Life

Despite Hollywood’s persistent attempts to convince us otherwise, our world is not overwhelmed by malevolent runaway machines and dangerous robots. Yet functional artificial intelligence is everywhere you look. Here are 10 ways in which AI is already impacting your life: 1. Social media monitoring. It would be impossible for humans to police the huge volume of user-posted videos and other content hosted by social media sites every single day, but AI is filling the gaps. From flagging and deleting copy-protected songs to shutting down depictions of violence, artificial intelligence is helping...

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