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How an API Can Be Leveraged to Boost Sales

WHAT AN API CAN DO: TECHNICAL DETAILS Before knowing how an API can make you money, you should first understand what an API does. API is a common term used for any component that can be used as a “middleman” between a client application and data (e.g., a third-party developer program and your internal procedures). APIs aren’t only for web applications. They are a part of operating systems that give external software access to low-level computer functionality. APIs can be implemented in many computer systems that allow third-party developers access to internal functionality...

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What Can an API Do for Your Business?

WHAT IS AN API? An API is a program that runs on a web server that other programmers can use to integrate your business logic into their own programs. It’s an application that has no user-friendly front-end even though it runs on a web server. It’s a program that exposes your own business logic to the world. Salesforce is the perfect example of a popular API. Every sales person knows of Salesforce, and it’s required by many organizations. Salesforce doesn’t have a main website application such as Twitter or Facebook. Instead, its business model is focused on having...

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