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C/C++ Development Services

We’ve been writing software in C and C++ since STEP Software’s inception in 2005. Our developers began coding in C as early as 1988 and C++ in 1994. It’s a love of these languages that keeps us using them. We use C and C++ in many of our own products, such as the core of our STEP Insure product, STEP Forms. We’ve built an encrypted network protocol entirely in C, for speed and maximum platform compatibility. We are currently building a 2D cross platform videogame using C++, targeted for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, the iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. C/C++ is our goto languages for performance applications, distributed code, and embedded devices, such as propane tank dispensing kiosks and cinema digital projectors.


Based on the requirements, we work together to determine if we target Embedded C, C90, C99, C11, C++03, C++11, or C++14. At the time of writing (April 2017), the C++17 specification has been implemented in GCC and CLang, but it may be too early for most projects to make use of its features.


We use the build system you want, but we are partial to CMake. Using the CMake build system allows the following files to be generated:
  • Borland Makefiles
  • MSYS Makefiles
  • MinGW Makefiles
  • NMake Makefiles
  • NMake Makefiles JOM
  • Unix Makefiles
  • Watcom WMake
  • Ninja
  • Visual Studio 6 to Visual Studio 2017
  • Green Hills MULTI
  • Xcode
  • CodeBlocks
  • CodeLite
  • Eclipse CDT4
  • KDevelop3
  • Kate
  • Sublime Text 2

Need help with a C/C++ Project?

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STEP Software provides a comprehensive range of application development services. We use our years of experience to provide complete software solutions that meet your specific business needs.

We maximize your development investment by providing lengthier shelf-life applications that are flexible, faster and scalable, requiring minimal maintenance and support.

Web Development Services

Improve on-line business processes, enhance productivity, and maximize resource utilization. We usually create websites in ASP.NET using C#/VB.NET, or JAVA, but we also use PHP when it is the best fit for our client. These solutions can run on Windows servers, Linux (using mono for .NET), or embedded environments using custom web servers. We also have experience building ISAPI filters and extensions in C/C++, as well as CGI applications. If you require something unusual we can help.

Desktop Application Development Services

Faster, reliable and scalable applications that require minimal maintenance and support. We often build desktop applications using C/C++, .NET languages (C#, VB.NET), and Delphi/Lazarus (Object Pascal). When using C++ we usually use Qt or wxWidgets for our GUI toolkit. We also embed Webkit into our C/C++ applications when it is the right fit. 

Mobile Application Development

Streamline communications and keep up with the pace of mobile application innovation. We create iOS software for iPhone and iPad devices using Swift or Objective-C. We also port cross platform software written in C/C++, often using OpenGL for rendering. In addition to Apple mobile devices we create Android and Windows Mobile applications. We have some customers with legacy applications using embedded VB and embedded VC++.

Embedded Application Development

Unique application solutions for specialized hardware. We've written and support hardware compiled for small microcontrollers, such as the ATmega128. On these small devices it's paramount to write code that is lean in both compiled space and memory use. We also create software for embedded devices that rely on Linux or Windows, using C/C++, C#, Object Pascal and Python.

Geographic Information SysteMS

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) combined with your application can be used to anticipate user needs and be combined with machine learning applications to determine risk and opportunities. Our core GIS services are written in C and C++, with hooks to be called from .NET (C#, VB.NET), Java, Python, and PHP.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning services are taking the world to a new paradigm, where Artificial Intelligence can provide user recommendations, measure risk, plot a delivery course, find faults through image recognition, and more. The list of what machine learning can do grows every day. We implement our machine learning solutions using Python and C++, using technologies such as TensorFlow, Theano, Caffe, and OpenCV.

Security Solution Development

Lock down your enterprise application with secure, authorized, authenticated and global security solutions. We have a good amount of experience implementing OpenSSL into applications. When building an application that needs to be secure, it's necessary to know how to put the OpenSSL pieces together, and that's where we make the difference.

All of our services are complemented by after-sales support and maintenance.

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What our customers have to say ...

STEP takes great care to understand the business challenge / opportunity that their customers are attempting to solve and every time the results deliver beyond expectations!
Colin Smith / SVP, Operations
STEP has demonstrated an amazing ability to deliver quickly and effectively in the midst of changing requirements, circumstances and varying project dynamics.
Mario Ferlanti / Project Manager
We are pleased with STEP's professional approach. STEP has enabled us to strengthen relationships with alliance partners and customers while reducing costs.
Bert Lassen / Business Support Manager

I have found your staff to be very competent and professional and would welcome the opportunity to work together with STEP Software in the future.
Norman McCall / President
STEP Software is impressive with their 'can do' attitude. My projects are being handled by industry professionals who will make sure that it is done right the first time.
Drew Warren / C.T.O.
If you have a problem, STEP Software can solve it. I've used their services for many years and without fail, they have always found a solution. They use all your information to get to the desired solution.
Sal Pullara / Business Support Manager
Salvatore and Associates

5 Tips for Creating a Great UX  - STEP Software Inc. - Custom Software Development https://t.co/I4cPf4ngRS https://t.co/PmPDcrLJwr

Our exceptional talented developers and supportive team, combined with our highly effective, well-developed methodology has provided custom applications to Fortune 500 corporations and entrepreneurial companies.


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