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Pre-Project - Pre-project development encompasses the important work that needs to take place before your project’s software design and development starts. Pre-project development includes stakeholder engagement, preliminary analysis, design, and project management.

Code Audit - When we provide a basic code audit we will review source code for quality, extensibility, security vulnerabilities, and technology considerations. We will offer an honest opinion of the state of your intellectual property.

Research, Validate, Plan - When the project kicks off, before any coding begins, we need a project plan with the business requirements, technical requirements, milestones, and delivery dates. This all needs to be documented for our organization and yours to review and agree to. This also includes documenting risks, as well as roadmap for your stake holders to sign off on.

  • Understand your goals


  • Assign stake holders

  • Understand the business need

  • Determine risks, budget, & dates



Code Audit
  • How are your developers doing?


  • Ensure that you have quality software

  • Review architecture & technology stack

  • Inspect for security vulnerabilities



Research, Validate, Plan
  • Create a full plan with

    milestones, dates, and assigned resources

  • Determine and manage risks

  • List deliverables by phase

  • Create UX/UI mockups




Basic - Basic services provides one or more developers, working part time. This works well for small projects, maintence, and proof of concept applications.

Standard - Standard services ensure that you have a developer focused on your project throughout the month. The work is managed by a tech lead, and weekly status meetings are provided to the customer.

Plus - Plus services provides a development team, managed by a full time software architect. The software architect will meet with the customer weekly or bi-weekly, as requested by the client. Quality assurance, documentation, and onsite training will be provided, as required.

  • Small projects


  • Maintenance

  • Extended team member

  • 1+ developers working part time



  • Medium projects


  • Software architect oversight

  • Ramp up as needed

  • 1+ developers working full time



  • Large projects


  • Able to address the most difficult tasks

  • 1+ of the developers are software architects

  • 3+ developers working full time




What our customers have to say ...

STEP takes great care to understand the business challenge / opportunity that their customers are attempting to solve and every time the results deliver beyond expectations!
Colin Smith / SVP, Operations
STEP has demonstrated an amazing ability to deliver quickly and effectively in the midst of changing requirements, circumstances and varying project dynamics.
Mario Ferlanti / Project Manager
We are pleased with STEP's professional approach. STEP has enabled us to strengthen relationships with alliance partners and customers while reducing costs.
Bert Lassen / Business Support Manager

I have found your staff to be very competent and professional and would welcome the opportunity to work together with STEP Software in the future.
Norman McCall / President
STEP Software is impressive with their 'can do' attitude. My projects are being handled by industry professionals who will make sure that it is done right the first time.
Drew Warren / C.T.O.
If you have a problem, STEP Software can solve it. I've used their services for many years and without fail, they have always found a solution. They use all your information to get to the desired solution.
Sal Pullara / Business Support Manager
Salvatore and Associates

Get Support When you need it

Get the service level agreement (SLA) that you deserve, with support provided when you need it. STEP Software has been providing 24/7 support to their customers for more than a decade. Know that when your business needs us we will be there.
Ticket Support
Online web ticketing platform provides instant confirmation and tracking.
E-Mail Support
Email groups send your support request directly to the techs that know your software.
Make a Call
Standard support during the day, and for SLA customers, call at any time, any day of the year.
STEP Software has been there for us every time we've needed them, from late night deployments to helping us support our network issues on weekends and holidays.
5 Tips for Creating a Great UX  - STEP Software Inc. - Custom Software Development https://t.co/I4cPf4ngRS https://t.co/PmPDcrLJwr

Our exceptional talented developers and supportive team, combined with our highly effective, well-developed methodology has provided custom applications to Fortune 500 corporations and entrepreneurial companies.


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